5 Things to Know about Instagram and Your Real Estate Business

Are you using Instagram to market your real estate services, and your listings? You probably should be. Instagram lets you tell your story using pictures and videos, which is simpler, faster and possibly more effective than talking, texting or writing.


Even if you’re using Instagram already, there may be ways to be more effective and take your success to higher levels. Here are 5 things you need to know about using Instagram, whether you’re a newbie or already use this photo-sharing platform.

1. Instagram generates more interaction and engagement than other social media
According to a 2015 study done by quintly1, a social media analytics firm, the average interaction on Instagram is up to 10 times higher than on Facebook. There are about 400 million active monthly Instagram users, generating an estimated 2.8 billion “likes” per day

2. It’s about getting to know you
Prospective clients want to know who you are as a person. When used effectively, Instagram can help you show others what your life is like – as a person and as a real estate agent. Some suggestions include sharing a shot of an open house or other event, and also show photos of your hobbies or other personal interests, like backpacking trips or singing in a choir.2

4. It’s not about your sales pitch
Instagram users do not want to be directly solicited. The photo-sharing you do is supposed to support the feeling that you are among friends, who follow your posts and become your fans. This is not a format that tolerates a “sales pitch” look or feel.3

5. Photos of your listing are fine, but be creative please
Photo of your listings should show fun, unusual or unique images. It’s especially effective to tell a story by grouping pictures. For example, a photo of built-in bookshelves, plus photos of a craftsman windows and cozy rocker by the fireplace tells Instagram fans: a reader will love this room! Standard photos of the outside of a home taken from the street shout “Sales Pitch!” to the viewer, and most photos like these are not very compelling.2, 3

Set up Instagram so that every post is automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter, too

This strategy, called cross-posting, allows more people to see your posts.4 When it comes to social media and your real estate business, the more followers you have the better. Busy professionals appreciate that cross-posting to all social media with one photo is more efficient, too.

If you are new to idea of using a photo-sharing platform, it’s worth a visit to The site has an online Help Center with an Instagram for Business section5. The site walks you through the basics, including how to link to Facebook and other sharing apps, tips for using hashtags, and more.


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- By Lauren Howey, May 09, 2016